Welcome Placements

Thank you for considering becoming a partner with us for the Unreached Network Internships. If you’d like more information on how you might host an Unreached Network Intern, please email us at interns@unreached.network and we’d be happy to discuss this with you. 


Once you feel ready to apply, please fill in this  Placement Application Form  and return it to us at interns@unreached.network


The internship is a one-year local-church based programme focusing on cross-cultural experience and training including a 3 month overseas placement. For more detailed information about what this internship entails, visit unreached.network/internships

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From Each Placement:

  • Agree to host an intern

  • Gain approval from your placement’s overseers 

  • Define your own aims and objectives

  • Appoint a Placement Coordinator

  • Connect with the wider Unreached Network team

  • Write an advert

  • Define your programmes’ contents in line with your objectives and that of the Internship. 

  • Interview and select your interns

  • Complete the Memorandum of Understanding

  • Complete regular reviews with the Intern and with Unreached Network during the programme 

  • Debrief with the Intern and with Unreached Network at the end


Financial and Practical Commitments 

  • The UK Placement:

Help with finding accommodation

Offer to provide for expenses such as food, accommodation and travel   

Optional: buy the course books for use by other interns in following years 

  • The overseas placement:

Help with arranging transport to and from the airport

Help with finding accommodation at a level which is appropriate for the intern’s funding capacity.

Budget advice for food and living expenses

Consideration of whether it is possible to provide any of the above free of charge or at a greatly reduced budget.  

Legal Requirements

  • Take responsibility for all legal requirements needed to host the intern on placement.  

  • Obtain written consent from the church/placement trustees and oversight.

  • Specify requirements for DBS certificates and safeguarding training.

  • A Placement Coordinator should be assigned to act on behalf of the church or project's overseers. We would ask that this person:

Has sufficient time available to oversee the internship.

Is able to work towards the aims and objectives of the intern, the placement and the Unreached Network.

Is able to put together a timetable which has a cross cultural focus and allows for flexibility and initiative.

Is willing to act as the point of contact for Unreached Network and the intern.

Is willing to be part of the interview and selection process.

Is willing to conduct regular reviews with the intern for the duration of the internship and a full debrief at the end of the internship and feed back regularly to Unreached Network

Feedback any significant concerns to the placement or church overseers and Unreached Network

Discuss safeguarding concerns with the placement safeguarding officer or the Intern’s safeguarding officer from the home church as appropriate.

More detail about this role can be found here