At Unreached Network we are working hard at putting training resources onto the Broadcast website for those exploring the possibility of moving overseas, those preparing to go, those who are serving overseas, and for sending churches. The courses available will grow significantly over the coming year.

Check out our series of sequential training modules constituting a training track for those on the journey from asking “God are you calling me to go?” to someone moving overseas and starting to live cross-culturally.

In the Newfrontiers family we have apostolic teams working into many different nations. Amongst our churches we have those skilled at helping people explore calling and training people to enter a new culture; we have many brothers and sisters who are living and serving cross-culturally; we have churches that send and support those serving overseas excellently; and because we have many churches in many different cultures, we have people who see the world and read the bible through different cultural lenses. Our desire is to draw upon the expertise across the Newfrontiers family (and sometimes beyond) to create training resources to equip sending churches, those preparing to go, and those who are serving cross culturally in church planting teams. Our hope will be that overtime this will be a depository for a wide range of excellent cross-cultural training resources. 

View the online training courses on the Broadcast website: