Unreached Network

Discipling Salima

This story is told by one of our team in North Africa

“Salima and I have started reading the Bible together. We are currently reading the Creation story and she was incredibly moved by it. She is very engaged with the Bible studies and is becoming more comfortable with retelling the stories so she can then share them with her friends.

Typically, at the end of the study, we have a time of prayer. At first, she asked me to pray for her and didn’t want to pray out loud. However, last week, she prayed out loud with me! I am so encouraged that she is engaging in these studies and already growing in areas such as communal prayer.

There is still a lot of syncretism in her faith, including that God will love us if we love him, fatalism etc. However, I am hopeful that these studies will address this syncretism and she’ll continue to grow in her faith.”

Please pray for Salima’s faith and that she’ll bring friends who are receptive to the gospel to these studies.