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Elías Diep

Dear Church Family and Friends,

I wanted to make you aware of a need in case you feel led to contribute. You have already been so generous in your giving that I hesitate to write about this, but I know there may be one or two who would like to help.

Elias Diep is a 6 year old boy in Guadalajara, and is in great need. His parents, Alfredo and Liz, pastor a church plant called ‘Open Table’ or ‘Mesa Publica’. I have known Alfredo for over 20 years. Their church is now relating to us, and is part of our growing ‘region’.

Alfredo and Liz have three children. This blog post explains their situation and how we can help. Our church is collecting funds for them since they can’t do a ‘GoFundme’ campaign in Mexico.

Please do read and then pray for them.

Many thanks,


Hi, my name is Alfredo Diep, and this is my family; my beautiful wife Liz and our 3 beautiful kids; Isaac, Elías and Mila.

We live in Guadalajara, Mexico. We are currently planting a new church in town and we also are self supported by our own business.

Over the past 6 years we have faced big challenges with our middle son’s health, Elías(6). He was diagnosed with severe epilepsy with difficult control.  There is not an exact reason or cause for his illness, doctors say it is idiopathic, which means they don’t really have a name or a prognosis for his condition.


Elias was born in 2016, and ever since he was three weeks old he’s been having seizures. Since that moment our journey for treatments for his sickness and therapy for his loss of motor skills, started. 

In 2018 We had the opportunity to be part of an Institute in Philadelphia for Brain Injured children. It was a great and helpful two year journey for him and for the family. Unfortunately Elias’ health kept developing and he started to have around 50 seizures per day. we got to the point where a brain surgery had to be done ASAPin order to stop seizures, so this made him no longer elegible for the treatment or even taking flights from Guadalajara to Philadelphia. In march of 2020 (right at Covid first wave) we had to do this three emergency surgeries; brain, gastrical and traqueal for him to get a turn around in his life. He remained stable for the past two years growing strong and healthy. Even though his motor skills kept on deteriorating. As he is fully disabled (he cannot walk, sit, talk, eat or express whatsoever, etc) 


Elías’ support fund 


Sadly, on December 18th 2022 we took him to the ER since he presented severe respiratory difficulties due to pneumonia. But more so, due to his brain sickness development. Over this stay at the hospital (ICU), he has been over critical phase, connected to a breathing machine and finding out the infections are no longer the problem, but the developing of his condition that has compromised his immune, respiratory and neurological systems. Doctors have performed 2 surgeries already over the past 2 weeks and waiting over a third one. 


As a family we have given all our resources and love over the lifetime of Elias to maintain all his treatments, insurance bills, hospital bills, house improvements, etc. and we have seen a miraculous provision since day one. 

Now is the time to extend the invitation to you to be a part of our family’s miracle, since we need a big one on the financial area. Expenses now are over to US$50,000 

Elías’ support fund 


Here’s some areas that need financial support: 

  • Hospital bill 
  • Insurance bill 
  • Respiratory machinery for home 
  • Respiratory therapies 
  • Full time nurse at home 
  • Wheel chair 
  • House and car adaptations (special bathroom, bath tube, ramps, family car, etc) 


We love our son Elias so much, and regardless his condition, he is able to enlighten Every room he is at, even at the hospital 🙂 

On behalf of Elias Diep and the Diep family: 

Thank you for reading and for your support! 




Elías’ support fund 

@alfdiep, alftediep@gmail.com

Or visit: https://givebutter.com/NFCEliasFund