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Beirut Prayer and Vision Trip 12-16th February 2024

Date(s) - 12/02/2024 - 16/02/2024
12:00 pm



Beirut is a city of sharp contrasts. Marred by civil war, a regional conflict and a mass influx of Syrian refugees, it’s a city where traditional Muslim and Christian communities live side by side and cultural challenges and gospel opportunities are at every corner. Beirut is a key player when it comes to Newfrontiers’ God-led strategy for the Middle East and the Arab world.  

Come and visit this wonderfully diverse and complex melting pot of cultures, creativity and conflict. Experience the challenges and gospel opportunities first hand and find out how you can play your part in mission to the Middle East long term. 

Update: 11/10/2023
Many thanks for your interest in booking for this event. 
Sadly,  due to the escalation of risk in country, we have had to suspend bookings for this event, and we may have to postpone the event altogether.
Please do not book flights
Contact info@unreached.network if you would like to be notified once bookings can be opened once again. 
Please pray for all those involved. 
The Unreached Network Team


12-16th February 2024

It is assumed that people will arrive before 7.30pm on 12th February and depart after midday on 16th February 2024. 

Bookings close 31st December 2023



The focus of the week will be on learning and prayer. Praying for the country, learning about the local people groups, the history, taking some sightseeing trips, finding out what it might be like to live there, taking time to listen, learn, pray and to help out where we can.

Each day will start with breakfast and a time of devotion and will end with dinner and a time of reflection. Daytime activities will be scheduled and varied, to include things like:

  1. Visiting churches, home groups, local believers and friends.  
  2. Help at Cedar Home with activities at the girls home or start to help build the boys home. 
  3. Visit the Seafrontdowntownthe site of the 2020 port blast, and understand the history and the impact of Lebanon’s place in the region 
  4. Visit Sidon and Tyre, Follow in the footsteps of Jesus and Paul, David and Solomon were friends with King who gave cedars for the temple. 
  5. Visit Byblos, a lovely ancient Phoenician sea port, first place the AlphaBet was invented and first used. 
  6. Snow/Cedars/Villages, Visit Lebanon’s beautiful mountains, historic and filled with biblical significance. (There should be snow in February)
  7. Cave Trip A World Heritage site home to the world’s largest stalactite.
  8. Skiing 
  9. Baalbak a majestic roman temple in the Beqaa Valley: a land rich in produce and fantastic wine, the valley is also home to much lawlessness, fighting and refugee camps.
Please note that not all of the above might be possible, depending on the travel advise of the UK government at the time gov.uk. A full schedule will be sent out nearer the time. 


Full board/ self catered shared apartments on the edge of Beirut. 

Extra nights can be booked for £20-70 per person per night


In country transportations will be included between the airport, the accommodation and on group excursions, but not for your own adventures or extra trips in country.

You are responsible for arranging your own flights to and from Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport (BEY) and for purchasing adequate personal travel insurance.  

It is assumed that people will arrive before 7pm on 12th February and depart after midday on 16th February 2024. You are able to extend your trip at your own cost. 

Suggested flights are ME202, departing Monday 12th February from LHR at 12.50, and ME203, departing on Friday 16th February from BEY at 17.40.  


There is much to read, watch and learn about the history of this diverse country, with its history of invasions, people seeking refuge and mix of religious minorities.
This episode from our friends in Frontiers gives a helpful overview of some of Lebanon’s history and context, leading up to the present day.  
During our trip, there will be a national holiday (14th February) to commemorate the assassination of the much loved former prime minister Rafic Hariri. You can read more about how the country mourns him here. https://www.arabnews.com/node/2251176/middle-east 


The Levantine dialect of Arabic is spoken in Lebanon, although English and French are also widely spoken and very much on trend. You will hear a lot of English and French phrases interjected in every day speech. You will get on well with ‘Bonjour’ ‘Bonsoir’ and ‘Sava?’ But if you want to really impress the locals, try learning these basic local Arabic words and phrases. 

Marhaba: Hello

Keefak (m) Keefik (f): How are you? 

Ahlan/Ahlaen/Ahla wa sahla/ Ahlan wa sahlan: various forms of saying ‘Welcome’ You can respond by saying Ahlan Bikum

Shukran: Thank you

Hamdilla (Short for ‘Al Hamdu lil laah’): Praise God! (used a lot to answer most questions)

Inshalla:  God willing (used a lot to punctuate sentences)

Falafel: Great street food.

Ahwee: Coffee

Shy: Tea

Duolingo is great, but for conversation, we recommend finding Lebanese language playlists such as this.


  • Check your documents, your passport validity and visas requirements.
  • Take out sufficient travel Insurance for your trip.
  • Enquire about travel vaccines in plenty of time.
  • Take all necessary / usual medications. Be aware that some over the counter medication may be illegal in Lebanon or in one of the countries you are transiting through. Check local laws before traveling. 
  • Check gov.uk for any potential safety concerns before you travel. 
  • Important: Lebanon is a cash only country. You will need to take all spending money in US dollars. It is not possible to get a good exchange rate from ATM’s in country, but it is possible to use one of the many Western Union branches to arrange a transfer for yourself. 
Time of year The average daytime temperature in Beirut in February is in the high teens/early twenties and it will drop to about 5-10deg at night.  It is sometimes stormy.  In the mountains it is about 10degrees cooler.  Check the weather before you travel. Pack sun cream and gloves.

Dress Code  Men and Women should dress modestly at all times. Ladies should take a scarf to cover their heads in more conservative areas and men should cover their legs.


Currency It is not possible to use your card in most places so please bring enough spending money for the trip in US dollars. US dollars are used widely in Lebanon. You can bring some with you or buy dollars from local Western Union shops. 

  • £83 admin deposit per adult due on application
  • $400 per adult (12+) due in cash on arrival
  • $40 per child aged 2-6 or $120 per child aged 7-11 due in cash on arrival
  • There is no charge for children under 2
Core costs include
4 nights in shared accommodation Full Board (12-16th February 2024)
Transfers to and from the Airport
Not Included 
Visa costs
Personal Travel and Medical Insurance 

$20per person per night for additional night’s accommodation room only

$76 per person per night for additional night’s accommodation room only full board

$100 to cover the costs of optional daytrips
Spending money for gifts, souvenirs, treats etc. 
Please bring several treats, souvenirs, sweets or shortbread form your home country to give to your hosts

Booking is now open. Spaces are limited. 

Please email info@unreached.network to apply.


Bookings are closed for this event.