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Finding hope and friendship in the rubble – Gaza

(A guest post by friends at Sabeel-Kairos)

Can you see the ‘Hope Stone’ in this photo? Our membership officer Ruth gave it to her Gazan friend Mariam when she left Leeds after studying at the University (you can see the University of Leeds bag in the background). She had to flee her house, and when she went back she found it completely destroyed by bombs. She found the ‘Hope Stone’ amongst the rubble in her bedroom.

The card Ruth gave her also survived the wreckage with the Bible verse which goes with the stone: ‘And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts’ Romans:5:4-5.

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‘Sabeel-Kairos is a Christian charity that campaigns for human rights, justice and equality for Palestinians, working in solidarity with the Christian community in the Holy Land. The charity supports, advocates and promotes the work of Sabeel Jerusalem and Kairos Palestine, and brings Palestinian voices to the UK churches to inform, challenge and help develop understanding.’

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As we write this, Palestinians are still facing unimaginable horrors in Gaza
Despite the challenges mounted against Israel, including additional provisional measures to prevent genocide issued from the International Court of Justice, and the arrest warrants for Benjamin Netanyahu and Yoav Gallant (as well as leaders of the Hamas movement), Israel’s war in Gaza and recent invasion of Rafah continue to cause mass death and destruction for the people of Gaza.

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We continue to stand with Gaza, and our friends and partners in the West Bank, which has also seen alarming increases in violent attacks by settlers and the taking of land and homes by Israel in the last 7 months.