Following God to the ends of the earth, till the end of our time here on earth.

Unreached internship

‘You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.’ Acts 1:8

Whether going to your neighbours, going to those in your local community or going to the other side of the world, we can all play a part in reaching the Unreached. 

Throughout scripture it is clear that God has a heart for every tribe, tongue and nation to hear the gospel and draw close to him through Jesus.  

The Unreached Internship is a 12  month programme for those exploring cross-cultural mission in the UK or overseas.  

You will spend 9 months in the UK and 3 months overseas leaning directly from those with a wealth of experience in cross cultural mission and church planting. 

You will be stretched to grow, learn and play your part in making Jesus known amongst unreached people groups from different nations, cultures and backgrounds, who don’t yet know him. 


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Internship Summary


Explore your call and gain experience in cross-cultural mission. 


Any follower of Jesus (over 18) exploring a call to work cross-culturally or getting ready to go.


A full time internship focused on making Jesus known among people groups where he still isn’t.


9 months in a UK based church placement, and 3 months overseas. 


This internship will run for 12 months from September 2021, even with COVID-19.


Email us if you have any questions:

Download the application form and apply:

Internship DETAILS

The main elements of training for this course are: 

  • 9 Months in a UK placement and 3 months overseas
  • Experiential on-the-job training while on placement
  • Your own learning, development and walk with God
  • 3 face to face weekends with Unreached Network in September, January and July
  • Monthly online training sessions with experienced speakers, reading and assignments
  • Other regular connection points with the Unreached Network such as sphere events, conferences and in house training and connection. 

Key Dates:   (subject to change)

  • 10-13th Sep 2021 – Welcome, Orientation and Initial Training (Residential: Reading, UK)
  • 13 Sep 2021 – Start of UK Placement
  • 5-9 Jan 2022 – Overseas Orientation (Residential, Location TBC)
  • Feb – May – Overseas Placement (dates TBC)
  • 25-29 Jul 2022 – Debrief and next steps (Residential, Location TBC)
  • 31 August 2022 – Official end to UK Placement

Additional Dates

In addition to the dates listed above, the following dates are TBC but are required attendance

  • Monthly Online Training, connection and assignments with Unreached. (2 hrs/month plus 2 hrs p/w study and connection)
  • Unreached Network events in the UK and overseas. (regularly online and in person)
  • Representing Unreached Network online and at various Newfrontiers Sphere events in the UK
  • Optional: Understanding Islam Course (One Saturday per Month)
  • Optional: Cert Tesl (One evening plus 5 hrs private study per week)

Overall commitments will be approximately 30hrs per week not including statutory leave. 

Interns should agree leave with their Placement Lead

Core Costs

  •  £30 non-refundable application fee is payable on application. 
  • £1,000 course fees are due on acceptance and covers the cost of Unreached Network training weekends but does not include travel.  
  • Interns are responsible for all other living and travel costs, including travel to and from placements and training events.  

Detailed Costs Click here for an idea of what to expect this year to cost.

Budgeting Spreadsheet Download this and use it as a guide to help look at overall costs for the year and help with budgeting.

Generating Support Use this handout as a tool to consider how you might generate financial, spiritual and emotional support for the year.


Before applying, we encourage you to spend time in prayer asking for God’s guidance as you consider your options.  Home church leaders, friends, family and even members of the Unreached Network may be willing to pray with you and offer advice.   The internship is a big commitment of time and money, it will stretch you and sharpen your character as well as equip you in skills and knowledge.  


Once you have discussed this application with your Home Church Leaders and your local support network and they agree that you should  apply, you can complete this application form. A £30 non refundable application fee is also due.  Applications will be considered once we have received them. 


We will need a total of 3 references from you before we can look at your application or invite you to interview. You will find details on the application form on how to select referees. 


1. We will review your application and references and let you know if you are invited for interview.  If you are selected to interview, we will arrange to meet you either online or in person.  

2. The aim of the internship is to be part of the journey equipping believers to work cross-culturally, potentially overseas.  We therefore feel its important to connect with your home church, so they can support you during the year and help you to develop your calling once the internship is complete.  We will arrange to meet with your appointed Home Church Pastoral Lead to discuss their role in more detail.

3. Once you are provisionally accepted on to the programme, there will then be a second more informal interview process where you can meet some of the placement leads and work out together which placements would be your best fit.  The final decision will depend on the placement lead also accepting people.  


Meeting your Mentor

Once your application has been approved, we will introduce you to your Unreached Network Mentor. Your mentor will be your main point of contact for the Unreached Network and will help orientate you to the programme and be available to chat and pray with you as you go along.  your mentor may also be able to help you get ready for the internship and help you apply to both the UK and overseas placements. 


Placement DETAILS

Each placement has a slightly different focus based around the various projects and ministries operating in that church.  We aim to match interns with the most appropriate placement for them based on discussion about the interns hopes for the year.  We select churches that have a specific emphasis on working with internationals.  The content of the placement will include a range of tasks as well as serving in the church in various roles.

 If you would like to host a placement in your church and feel you have a suitable opportunity for an intern, please see our Placements page, or get in contact with us to discuss options.  

King’s Arms is a group of people from all walks of life who have discovered our true purpose is found in following Jesus. Our vision is to build a healthy church family, welcoming everyone and growing together in our faith. We love encountering the life changing presence of God as we grow in His kingdom culture. We are on a mission to share God’s grace and freedom wherever we go.

Working with King’s Arms Project, our internship is an opportunity to work with people from a wide range of communities and cultures through language classes and integration clubs.

The internship offers hands-on experience of cross-cultural work in the context of a church and by befriending and supporting people from other cultures to help them to integrate into UK society. The work is with a multicultural team that includes former refugees and service users.

Churchcentral is based in the centre of Birmingham, one of the UK’s most diverse cities. We are currently launching a new plant into the most multi-ethnic area of the city. We are already engaging with asylum seekers and refugees as well as members of more established communities through a variety of outreach initiatives and are seeing a number of families regularly joining into church life.


Photograph: Courtesy

Junction Church is looking for a self-motivated individual to help us reach out to and include those form other nations on our doorstep.

The project includes research, shaping what we currently do as a church and the potential to pioneer a whole new ministry that specifically reaches those of other nations who live in the region.

Working with eldership that has a history in overseas cross cultural church planting it’s an opportunity to be shaped and to initiate a church-based work amongst the nations on our doorstep. We are a relatively new church gathering in the heart of Eastleigh, an urban area of around 70,000 people in Hampshire. We’re a community of people from all ages and backgrounds aiming to love and follow God with enthusiasm.

Part of our core vision is to reach out to those from other nations who live in and around Eastleigh and to build a church community that reflects the increasingly multi-cultural make up our town. We have a range of nations living within the urban area of Eastleigh and notably those of Indian and Nepali origin. As a church we have a very close relationship with Himalayan Grace Church in Nepal and regularly send cross cultural teams from the church here to serve and learn from them. Please do contact us if you’d like to find out more


What is Luton like? 

Luton (on the outskirts of London) is one of only three towns in England that has a white British minority.  It is highly multi-cultural with about 30% of people estimated to be from Muslim backgrounds.  Although there are some positive moves towards integration many families (especially women) within this sector of society have few or no relationships with people outside their own community.  Children often attend schools which are almost entirely mono cultural  and have few opportunities to mix with young people from other backgrounds.  This leaves the church with a challenge but also a wonderful opportunity to build bridges, establish ongoing friendships and create opportunities for bringing cultures together. 

In addition there are large numbers of vulnerable and homeless people in Luton (often through addiction and poverty).  Again there is a great need for churches to reach physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people in these situations.  

What are the opportunities? 

Churches have come together to serve the community in Luton in a number of ways.  This includes”

  • A holiday club project which has historically brought together children from Pakistani, Bengali, Syrian, Romanian, Afghani, Egyptian, Caribbean and British backgrounds for activities based around Bible stories
  • Visiting people’s homes to offer support, help with homework or simply to develop friendships     
  • A ladies drop in and English teaching centre which serves the local South Asian community.  This also includes a weekly high school girls group session with an opportunity to help with school work, and enjoy discussion, crafts and cooking.  
  • The FEAST project which creates a forum for young people from Christian and Muslim backgrounds to build friendships and learn about each other’s faith 
  • A church based community open house project to feed and care for vulnerable people in the area including a Sunday afternoon cafe style service.  

Redeemer Church, Plymouth

Come and join the adventure! Plymouth is an amazing city with a population of 235,000 situated in South Devon. Like most cities it has its challenges but it also has a number of great things to enjoy, such as the beautiful Dartmoor and Southwest coastline.

Redeemer Church is part of the New Frontiers Advance Movement and has a mission to declare and demonstrate the good news of Jesus to everyone, everywhere and in every way. Redeemer church encourages it’s members that following Jesus is not reduced to one meeting every Sunday; being part of the body of Christ requires everyday, life-on-life interaction and this happens in Life Groups as we experience and build gospel community throughout the week. 

As well as doing mission overseas it is important to engage in mission locally and on our doorstep. Redeemer Church works with several local partners to serve the community. Boxes of Hope is a ‘love in action’ project where church members provide food parcels to the Plymouth Domestic Abuse Service for those living in food poverty. 

During the recent Covid-19 lockdown, Redeemer partnered with Red Cross and Hope Football Club to provide activity packs to newly arrived asylum seeker and refugee families. During your placement you will be involved with ODILS Learning Foundation, an international language school founded by members of Redeemer Church. ODILS offers English lessons, conversation classes and employability skills to support the integration of marginalised people: refugees, asylum seekers, migrant workers and their families. 

This placement will give you a wealth of hands on opportunity to reach the nations in Plymouth. You will also be instrumental in engaging, encouraging and equipping the church to build cross-cultural relationships with people who don’t know Jesus.

Our overseas placements are with experienced church planters who are working into unreached areas around the globe.

Here are some of the highlights you can expect on your 3 month faith journey overseas.  

  • Be immersed in local culture and language. 
  • Be pushed to the limits of your skill and understanding. 
  • Learn through building relationships. 
  • Learn to adapt as what you think you know is brought into question. 
  • Get a taste of the joys and difficulties of living in some of the most challenging places on the planet.
  • Learn to trust God for your finances, for your security, your hope and your support system.
  • Worship with local believers. 
  • Share life with those who have gone before.

For security reasons, we will not disclose the locations of these placements before interview. 

Here are some of the activities you may be able to get involved in:

  • Befriending
  • Outreach
  • Medicine
  • Construction, Gardening and DIY
  • Schools, Family, Orphans and Education
  • Prisons
  • Refugee work
  • English conversation
  • Sports
  • Creative Arts, Craft and Digital Media
  • Social Media
  • Relief work
  • Teaching English

Bring your unique skill and personality sets and see what God can do.

An intern's Story

I came to the city of Plymouth for university in 2017 and have been part of Redeemer Church since then. Reflecting on my time at university, God placed students from different nations in my path – both on my course or through the Christian Union. I found such joy in getting to know and spending time with those students, some of whom have since become great friends. During some Unreached training at the beginning of my internship I learnt that we all have such a great opportunity to take Jesus to the nations by loving, embracing and spending time with those on our doorstep…mission starts at home! 

Jesus has also gently challenged and magnified in my heart the importance of stepping into relationships with people who are not like us – people from different nations, backgrounds, faiths and cultures. I hope that as you consider an Unreached Internship that God will stir a desire within you to take his gospel to those from other nations, those who are on the margins and those who are different. 

Read more of Rebekah’s story here

Get in touch to find out more

– Rebekah