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margins2mic. Season Two. Art of Listening.

The #margins2mic project brings together voices from across the Newfrontiers family, and from around the world.

Newfrontiers is on the way to becoming a truly global movement, and as such it is important – no, vital – to connect with and listen to a truly global set of voices and perspectives.

Listening is an art. Tune in past unusual accents, the use of translators, or the foreignness of the context to really hear what the Holy Spirit is saying through these brothers and sisters. Delight in diversity. Be provoked by the prophetic. Be challenged as churches.

After the success of Season One, this second season of #margins2mic presents voices from Mexico, Peru, Zimbabwe, France, Russia, England, South Africa and India. Our speakers talk about mission, justice, contextualisation, the Church and the gospel.

As the Unreached Network, we hope that these videos excite you, enlarge your view of the world, immerse you briefly in global conversations with global voices, challenge and provoke you. We believe that marginal voices deserve platforms, that being part of an international body of believers is a privilege, and that learning from one another is imperative.

Episodes will drop weekly on Wednesdays beginning 19th January 2022 on the Unreached YouTube channel.

Margins2Mic. Season Two. Art of Listening. Watch back Season One.