People in the Mountains

Episode 16: Cost and Sacrifice

This audio file is a snippet of an interview carried out in 2023.  For security, we have made the rest of this interview private.
If you would like access, please contact us at or telling us the name and contact details of your church and pastor or your contact within the Unreached Network.

Playlist Description

Two incredible workers in the Middle East tell us about their journey of faith and reconciliation.  A journey that began over 20 years ago when God began to break prejudices that they had harboured in their hearts for a people group that used to be their enemy.

This in-depth interview is broken down into 23 smaller parts, giving space for these workers to share the joys and heartaches of the past 20 years. You will hear the history of the land and how God worked in their hearts and opened doors for them to live and work in remote and very tribal mountain villages.

You will be amazed and rejoice with the workers as they recount how the people that used to be their hostile enemy, have now become friends, as close as family and are now on a journey themselves to follow Jesus Christ.