Cross-Cultural Mission Training Series

Commission put together a very helpful workbook series through the various stages of sending people overseas.  Each guide is available for download here:


Stage 1 - Explore

Through asking relevant questions this booklet will helps the individual begin to understand and unpack whether God is calling them to be involved in cross cultural mission.


Stage 2 - Prepare

Preparing well to go on cross cultural mission is essential. This booklet provides more in-depth questions about the preparation process, helping build authentic relationships with the leaders in your sending church.


Stage 3 - Go

This booklet helps think through some of the practical detail from developing a home support team to preparing a budget, with handy checklists to make sure nothing is forgotten.


Stage 4 - Thrive

In order to thrive it is important to remain accountable to the country team leader, sending church and apostolic oversight. This booklet is designed to ask key questions to see how things are going and to help keep on track.



Stage 5 - Return

Returning to the home country can be challenging regardless of how long one has lived in a different culture. This booklet will helps through the transitional process of returning and moving forwards.



Standard of care

This is a must-read for any Commission church leader or any individual/couple wanting to live overseas under the care of a Commission church. It discusses a wide variety of key subjects including setting up a home support team, putting together a budget, children, security, health and stress management, and how to send well from a local church.


Preparing to Go

A series of resources relating to exploring the call and preparing to go phases:

Being Sent

Resources relating to practical issues  regarding being sent overseas from a home church.