Understanding Islam Course ’22

We are starting a new course in January 2022

There are a growing number of Muslims living and working in the UK.  This includes a significant percentage in some cities and urban areas but even in areas which are not traditionally multi-cultural there has been a steady growth in the number of Muslim residents and this is likely to increase.

Much has been written in the media about Muslims, and there have been varying attitudes expressed in the voices of Christians.  This course provides an opportunity to hear from people who have years of experience working and living in Muslim communities  as well as Muslim speakers  from a variety of backgrounds to enable people to be equipped to build bridges, develop meaningful relationships and introduce faith related dialogue.

Course Structure:

The course includes 10 sessions most of which will take place via Zoom but three of these will take place face to face at Hope Church Luton. If you cannot make the face-to-face sessions, it is possible to do an online-only version of the course.

There will be a range of topics including:

  • History of Islam
  • Doctrine and Muslim beliefs
  • Current trends in Muslim Society
  • Shame and honour culture
  • Outreach to the Muslim community – story telling, contextualizing the message of the gospel, responding to common questions
  • Welcoming believers from Muslim backgrounds into the church

Cost: £75.00 and a short application form.

Contact: info@unreached.network

15th January – Zoom – 9am-1pm
5th February– Zoom – 9am-1pm
5th March – live session in Luton 9.30am to 4.30pm.
2nd April –– Zoom – 9am-1pm
7th May– Zoom – 9am-1pm
11th June – live session in Luton 9.30am to 4.30pm.
2nd July – Zoom – 9am-1pm
17th September– Zoom – 9am-1pm
8th October. – live session in Luton 9.30am to 4.30pm.

12th November – Zoom – 9am-1pm

 It is definitely worthwhile coming to the live sessions but if people can’t make those they are still welcome to join the course.


Comments from previous participants:

  • I liked everything about the course: encouraging different people to give their views. Missionaries, local people working with Muslim, hearing from the Imam about his beliefs, the visit in the Mosque, the visit to a Muslim family, sharing food from Middle East … I liked everything.
  • I thought it was interactive and the discussions helped me to understand, even when the topics were heavier. I also thought that the course line was didactic and clear.