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Understanding Islam Course

Understanding Islam 2021 to 2022
The aim of this course is to encourage a deeper and broader understanding of issues
relating to Islam and Muslims, in relation to doctrine, culture, society and practice.

Our approach is both respectful and humble – many of our Muslim friends speak highly of our desire to understand their world more.

It will include 10 (monthly) sessions starting in September 2021 and finishing in June 2022. There will
be a range of topics under discussion including:
– History of Islam
– Doctrine and Muslim beliefs
– Current trends in Muslim Society
– Shame and honour culture
– Common Muslim objections to Christianity
The sessions will be led by a range of speakers who have studied this subject or have a
wealth of experience with the Muslim community, either in this country or overseas.
We also have input from Muslim speakers (including Imams and community leaders) who
are able to give input into discussion on doctrine, issues relating to culture and society and
common misconceptions.
During the year, there will be 7 morning sessions taking place interactively on Zoom and three all day
sessions taking place face to face at Luton Hope Church, including a visit to a local mosque.
The cost of the programme is £75.00 and entry to the course is dependent on completing a
short application form.
For more information please contact Shirley Weston at westonshirley@gmail.com

Here are some comments from participants from previous years:

I liked everything about the course: encouraging different people to give their views, hearing from the Imam about his
beliefs, the visit to the Mosque, the visit to a Muslim family, sharing food from the Middle
East … I liked everything.

I thought it was interactive and the discussions helped me to understand, even when
the topics were heavier. I also thought that the course line was didactic and clear.

When the world opens up again I want to place myself more in places where I can get
to know Muslims!