God is blessing the UK by bringing people from all over the world to our nation. Newfrontiers Churches in the UK are increasingly involved in reaching the nations on our doorstep. Responding to the opportunity to love our neighbours as our self. Activities range from teaching English as a second language to supporting refugees to building relationships with Mosque leaders. As a team we are heavily involved in these and other activities and want to encourage others to be involved and to support and equip those who are active.

Unreached in the UK host 3 forums that meet regularly to share stories and best practice, to pray together and share ideas.  One forum is for those involved in teaching English as a foreign language; another is for those working with refugees and a third for church leaders seeking to involve their churches in reaching the nations on their doorstep.

Refugee forum Jubilee+

Has God brought refugees and asylum seekers to your community? We’d love to connect with you to share experience of reaching refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. Please get in touch with jubilee-plus.org/refugee-network to get involved.

Church Leaders forum

  • Are you a church leader?
  • Do you long to see every tribe, tongue and nations represented in your church family?
  • Join our Church Leaders Forum as we meet to spur each other on in building diverse churches.
  • Get in touch with Tony Thompson to join the conversation.

ESOL Forum

We will be meeting over Zoom to get to know each other, encourage each other and pray together. If you would like to join us, please get in touch with Rebekah Goff.

Check out the page Teaching English for Mission for more advice and resources.