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Representing, Resourcing and Releasing Cross-Cultural Mission

Unreached network

fulfilling the great commission

Who We Are

The Unreached Network exists to co-ordinate best practice in cross-cultural mission across the global Newfrontiers family.  Newfrontiers is a group of apostolic leaders partnering together on global mission, joined by common values and beliefs, shared mission and genuine relationships.

Under the ‘Unreached Network’ umbrella we offer training, resources, connection to help equip churches to send and support cross-cultural partners, to equip church planting teams for contextual effectiveness, and to interact with the wider missions conversation.

Read more about our commitment to Newfrontiers and Unreached People Groups. 

What We Do


Connecting cross-cultural workers, sharing stories, best practice and relationship across Newfrontiers and beyond.


Creating cross cultural resources to equip believers to fulfil the Great Commission at home and overseas.  


Working with sending churches to train and release cross cultural workers into the global harvest. 

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Prayer and Connection

In Person and Online

Regular prayer and connection sessions for those at various stages of exploration or getting ready to go. Sign up to hear about the next event.

Friday Prayers

Monthly, Fridays, 7-8am UK time, Online

Sharing stories from around the world, we have the privilege of connecting and praying with our church family in many different locations around the world.

Take a look at more of our courses on our events page www.unreached.network/events.

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Made Flesh

We are pleased to announce and recommend Andy McCullough’s new book: Made Flesh: John’s Gospel, Mission and the Global Church  Join us for the Book

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Andy McCullough


I’ve really been enjoying discovering the New Testament word συνεργια / synergia. This word means co-work (syn- means together or cooperative, -ergia means work or labour). The English equivalent of this word is synergy.

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Amazing Experience - Sarah, Intern

I have learnt to be brave and step out, and that what we can achieve in church is not our fancy skill or strategy, but because God answers prayers.

Great Support - Aria, Sending Church

The support, training and guidance from the Unreached Network team helped us as a  sending church to have better expectations.  

Wouldn't be without them - Simon, Cross-Cultural Worker

 My mentor helped me think through calling, how to involve my church in this journey and pointed to other people and resources to further my learning and development.