Whether going to your neighbours, or to the other side of the world. Whether leaving school, taking a career break or relocating family. 

Whether full time or part time, what can you do to playour part in reaching the Unreached?

This course promises to instil a cross-cultural mission DNA in you that can’t help but impact those around you. 


Our series of sequential training modules constitute a training track for those on the journey from asking “God are you calling me to go?” to someone moving overseas and starting to live cross-culturally.

We also have training tracks on ‘Working with those who are poor.’ ‘Global Humiliy’, ‘Margins to Mic,’ ‘Support for Sending Churches’ and more. 

Videos and blogs on topics such as ‘Why language?’, ‘Conversation groups’ and ‘Building relationships with other cultures’. 

Check out these free resources and get in touch for more information. 

Motivate your small group to live with purpose and urgency in taking the Gospel to the nations.

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