New Cert TESOL course starting September 2023

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Building relationships with other cultures


if you’d like to explore Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) as a tool to reach the unreached, please visit our Odils Equip website

2:19 Bible Language Resources​ We cannot recommend these resources highly enough.

Why Language

Language encapsulates a person’s cultural identity and sense of belonging. Learning language builds bridges between cultures, brings understanding, integration and belonging. 

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Sharing Jesus 


Catalin and Rebekah share some of the opportunities they have had to share the Good News with those who are searching. 

Names have been concealed for anonymity. 

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Conversation Groups

English Conversation Groups are one way to use language to engage with the nations. As well as practicing English, ECGs are great places for people to come together and make new friends. people are able to share their experiences, views, values, beliefs and ask questions to those in their group. We do life with the people in our conversation groups. 

If you’d like to hear more or would like to
set up your own ECG, we’d love to talk with you! 

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20 years ago, Russ & Cassie Roberts received the call from God to ‘Prepare’ – the Nations were going to be sent to them! Based In Plymouth, Devon, this vision appeared intangible. The city was 98.8% white British. However, in faith, they remortgaged their home and began a charitable language school. They were set to serve and enable speakers of other languages through the teaching of English. Much like when Noah built his ark and there was no rain, Cassie and Russ started a language school when there were no students to teach!

True to His Word, over the next two decades, God brought asylum seekers, refugees, and ethnic minority groups into Plymouth. Odils Learning Foundation, as a school, was at the center of helping their integration, providing their education, and became essential support in the city. Today, Cassie and Russ seek to train other Christians with the skills, knowledge, and vision to reach the Unreached People Groups on their doorsteps…Odils Equip was born! 


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