Discipleship in Turkey

Rather than giving up on the seed that doesn’t bare fruit or trying to cut down the thistles, I wonder if it’s  possible to invite people to grow and rise above the thistles, to set their eyes on life eternal, to turn their eyes toward Jesus and find hope there learning as adults to be children of God who takes care of us.

More than Politics 

Serbia faced tragic loss this year, with two mass  shootings, the first of which was by a 13-year-old boy in his school. People have been  genuinely traumatized. The  country has not faced  anything like this before and it’s been a trigger for the  political situation to come to  a head.  The picture above shows one …

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The Joy of sharing your faith with Lex Loizides

The right question is: Are you a witness? The answer is Yes: either a good one: learning to be a fisher of men;  or a silent one, who keeps the truth to themselves, and allows people to continue to  be harassed by the evil one, or easy prey for false ideas.


The world has become indifferent to the African roots of Christianity.

Story of the First Nations Version project

As far as we know, this is the first English translation done by Natives for Natives. Our prayer is that it will open Native hearts to Creator Sets Free (Jesus) and that it will be a gift from our Native people to the dominant culture in the US and to the body of Christ in English-speaking nations worldwide.

80 Not Out

For well over 30 years Nigel was full time administrator to Terry Virgo and the Newfrontiers apostolic team. Read his Autobiography here.

Dear Church – Extended Collaboration

Instead of ‘welcome home’ we prefer ‘welcome back’ because we don’t always know what you mean when you talk about ‘home’ and might not be feeling the relief and comfort that you are expecting us to. Instead of relief we could be missing, friends our routine and time to study.