Displacing Cultural Assumptions

After a long search for my missing keys, I finally found them. “Eureka!” I shouted, “I’ve found it!”
My Middle Eastern friend looked up, puzzled. “What did you just say?”

An unreached story, by ChatGPT

With all the interest around the advanced language model ChatGPT in recent weeks, we decided to try out to see how ChatGPT would handle the task of writing about churches reaching unreached people groups in the UK

Unreached Network Online 2023

This year’s Unreached Conference will focus on God’s mission to create peace between all peoples, through Jesus Christ, and how we can play our part.

Elías Diep

You have already been so generous in your giving that I hesitate to write about this, but I know there may be one or two who would like to help.

Understanding Islam

Understanding Islam

This course provides an opportunity to hear from people who have years of experience working and living in Muslim communities  as well as Muslim speakers  from a variety of backgrounds to enable people to be equipped to build bridges, develop meaningful relationships and introduce faith related dialogue.