Unreached conference : 17-18 June 2022

This year’s Unreached Conference will be online again, and registration is now open!

What we, like so many other groups, have found is that gathering online gives us the opportunity to have a truly global conversation about mission. Reaching the unreached with the gospel should be, and is, a multi-polar endeavour, a conversation enriched by numerous perspectives, diverse voices, Christ-exalting stories and powerful examples of contextualisation, from brothers and sisters all over the world.

That’s what Unreached22 will feel like. Like a bustling silk-road city where dusty travellers from diverse far-flung places re-connect, swap stories, trade goods, and re-supply ready to hit the road again. There will be Biblical teaching, prayer, updates, seminars on best practice across a vast array of topics. There will be inspiration, information, connection; the renewing of old friendships and the forging of new ones.

There will be more details to follow; announcements of speakers and subjects. But for now, why not book in and secure your place? Why not make sure the dates are in your diary and invite your friends?

Unreached22. Gather. Exchange. Scatter.

Friday 17th June. 18:00-21:00 UK time / Saturday 18th June. 08:00-16:00 UK time.

Online via Zoom.

Key Note SpeakerS


Fusi Mokoena was born in South Africa, where he began his ministry serving in his home country and Lesotho. He then moved and spent a few years in the UK before being called to the UAE.
He is currently serving as the lead pastor of City Hill in Dubai and is a key apostolic leader in Regions Beyond global churches. He has a passion for discipling and equipping “sons and daughters”, advancing the gospel in unreached areas and mentoring pastors across the world.
Fusi is husband to Emily and father to Dylan, and they’re expecting their second child this summer. They live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


For the past 27 years, Susie has founded, led and served with charities and projects that train and mentor local church leaders and communities in different African nations to protect and care for children at risk, like those living on the streets, those who are disabled or living with HIV and those accused of being witches. Susie loves working cross-culturally and learning from those she serves.  She is married to Jeremy, an elder at Community Church Putney. Jeremy and Susie are both part of the core team of the Unreached Network.

Serving With Humility and Showing our Scars: avoiding ‘White Saviourism’

So-called ‘White Saviours’ are often well-meaning and well-intentioned, but they put a wrecking ball through local communities, systems and structures and cause untold harm. Drawing from her experience of working cross-culturally in different African nations, Susie will share how we can give to and receive from those we are reaching out to in a beautiful, transformative cycle of reciprocity that does no harm.


Andy McCullough was born and raised in Cyprus, is married to Jessica, who is South African, has four children who were born in London, and lived in Turkey from 2009-2016. He has a Master’s Degree in Contextual Theology with Mission from All Nations Christian College, and currently works as Teaching Pastor for Reading Family Church (www.readingfamilychurch.org.uk) in the UK. He is passionate about cross-cultural church planting, and is involved in coaching and developing churches and leaders, mostly in the Eastern Mediterranean/West Asia region. He leads the Unreached Network  facilitating best practice in cross-cultural mission across the wider Newfrontiers family 

Seminar Topics & Speakers

Friday 8pm

shower, tub, bath-305464.jpg

How do you start a Disciple Making Movement?

Two practitioners of DMM share some Disciple-making stories.

Hiwa lives in Northern Iraq and I has been married for 16 years. He has 3 children aged 15, 13, 10. Hiwa is from Northern Iraq but moved to the UK with his family as refugees aged 10. He got saved at the age of 18 and the Lord told him to move back to his people to tell them about the good news that same day. He has now been back in Norther Iraq for 6 years.

 Pete has been married to Carol for 30 years, and for 23 of those
years they have been living and working in the Middle-East. They have
two grown-up sons who are married to local girls. They have been on the
DMM journey for the last 5 years. Pete’s a keen cyclist.


Uniquely placed: single overseas

This seminar will take you through the journey of going and living
overseas as a single.  Dan and Gayle will be real about the ups and
downs of their experiences, and share insights of how they have managed
to stand firm in their faith and keep stepping into what God called them
to do.

Dan has been in a Middle Eastern context for over five years, having gone young and single. He desires to stay long term, really trying to make his journey healthy and sustainable.  A big part of this has led him to choose to study at University in the city he is in.

Gayle lived in the Middle East as a single woman in her 30s for almost a decade.  She worked in several settings with both locals and ex-pats using her psychotherapy training, as well as spending time as a language student.  Her testimony is that life was sometimes hard, but that’s
often when faith grows most.

Joseph and the Plan of God

Joseph’s name means ‘May God add more.” We are going to look together at
some themes in this Middle Eastern story about God’s plan for protecting
and multiplying his people.

Rich lives with his family in a socially deprived area of Beirut. They
and their friends are sharing the love of God with people of many
different backgrounds. Rich enjoys teaching the Bible in hookah cafes,
living rooms, corner shops and also sometimes in universities in the US
and Lebanon and in some books and blogs. He loves learning about God
with their Arabic speaking friends and can’t understand God’s generosity
to him in adopting him into his global family.

A church that is able to reach the unreached (Characteristics of, UK)

Linda Geevanathan has lived in several countries around the world including Singapore, Australia and Nigeria, but she spent the first years of her life here in Luton. She loves travelling and spending time with her family and friends. Linda is an experienced teacher who still teaches in Luton. She has served on a number of different teams both at school and within the church and brings considerable leadership gifting to Hope Church. She also brings oversight and support to various leaders in the church.

Saturday 11am

Sending well (Trying to)

In this seminar we will hear from two churches who are in the middle of sending and supporting their church members overseas. They will outline what has gone well, not so well and there will be a Q&A session. 

Sean leads the team at Reading Family Church where an equal number of people serve overseas on mission as they have on their staff team. They plan to tip the balance to there being more overseas by the close of 2022

Cultivating Cultural Awareness

Whether gathering in a diverse community on our doorstep, planning to move or having made home overseas, how can we encourage lasting cultural openness in ourselves, our teams, and our churches? In this seminar we’ll look at the essential building blocks of cross-cultural awareness and explore how it works in practice through stories from experience.
For most of the past 15 years Ruth has lived in France and the Middle East, working as part of cross-cultural and multi-cultural teams to church plant, teach and build community. Now back in the UK she is training with Operation Mobilisation (OM) to become a qualified leadership coach specializing in transition and cultural awareness. Ruth is based in the Midlands with her husband Mark

Study that Serves the Kingdom

Cross-cultural life is full, but it’s also a great learning laboratory. Consider Peter’s Acts 10 encounter with Cornelius’ household – Peter’s experience of God at work in unfamiliar ways made Peter rethink his theology. New contexts often lead to new opportunities to grow. Might God be calling you to invest in learning to better serve the Kingdom? To love and enjoy God more? Whether it’s graduate work, the Unreached Internship, or another path, come hear from our speakers as they discuss the benefits and opportunities of further study.

With more than 20 years of cross cultural ministry experience, Rada Koprivica-Adams is currently church planting in Munich, Germany. Alongside work, parenting, and ministry, she is completing a Masters in Contextual Theology at All Nations College in the UK.

Anna has been serving God and the people he loves in Turkey for the past 12 years and is reaching the end of her Masters in Theology program. The learning hill has been steep, especially through the pressures of a pandemic, but the view is beautiful.    

Serving Refugees (UK)

We will be looking at 3 different projects in the UK who work alongside Refugees. Come and see what that looks like for them and hear about the impact it has had on the church.

Lucy is a wife and a mum to 3 incredible kids. Their family lives part time in the UK and Part time in India. Lucy has been involved in the Unreached internship this year and has been using her time to set up a project working in a bridging hotel with Afghan Refugees.

exploring your call

If you have a stirring for the nations, but are unclear about what this could mean or about the next steps, this seminar is for you!

How does a calling develop from tentatively asking “God are you calling me to go?” to moving overseas and starting to live cross-culturally. In this seminar, our desire is to engage your hearts and put some tools in your hands. We’ll look at how you know if God is calling you and how calling grows. Practically, we will also introduce you to some resources and a community that will help you as you explore your calling and see it grow.

Andy is currently based in the Middle East. He is married to Heather and they have five adult children. As well as working locally Andy travels widely across the region supporting churches and teams. He has considerable experience in helping people develop their call and to be sent well.


Friday 17th 18.00 – 21.00

18.00: Welcome, Multicultural Worship and Prayer

Main Session 1 – Fusi Mokoena

Discussion in breakout rooms


20.00 Seminars in breakout rooms 

20.50 Closing Comments and Prayer

Saturday 18th 08.00 – 16.00

8.00: Welcome and Worship

Main Session 2 – Susie Howe

Prayer and Discussion in breakout rooms



The Pandemic in Pakistan 

Internship Interview and other stories

11.00 Seminars in breakout rooms

12:00 Lunch

13.00  Main Session 3 – Andy McCullough 

14.00 Promoting New Places. Prayer In breakout rooms. 

15.00 Final Session: Prayer, Offering, Response 

15.50 Closing Comments and Prayer