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80 Not Out


For well over 30 years Nigel was full time administrator to Terry Virgo and the Newfrontiers apostolic team. He is passionate about serving those who are poor or in need and helps churches to develop ‘best practice’ ministries using a tool he has developed: the ministry health check. This results in an action plan to help a church improve its ministries. Currently he is involved in planting a church in bath, UK, and also encouraging and advising both locally and internationally ministries who are helping people in need.  Read More


Through the postings on this blog, Nigel shares some of the skills and experiences that God has taught him over the years. There are two main thrusts, Biblical Administration and Ministry with the Poor. These are encapsulated in the title ‘Feeding 5000 is no picnic…’ His hope and prayer is that this blog will better equip members of the body of Christ to contribute to the Great Commission to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. Visit his website: http://www.nigelring.org/ for more information.

His book “80, Not Out” was written for family and a few close friends as they celebrated his recent 80th birthday, but they urged him to make it more widely available.

A message from Nigel: “I love reading biographies and often recommend them. But somehow it is harder to recommend my own! However, if you would like a copy (175 pages) please contact me, putting 80 Not Out in the topic line. The price is £8.99 plus mailing costs.”

Or visit www.nigelring.org/80-not-out-my-autobigraphy