Bringing Life in the Face of Death

If you doubt the power of God to transform even the worst situations, then read on! Things don’t get much tougher than the situation in India at present. Around 26.75 million people have been infected with Covid19. Well over 300,000 people have died from the disease. India’s health care systems and services are buckling under the …

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Jacob “The Patchwork Man” Baradaeus

I’m really enjoying Moffett’s History of Christianity in Asia, and am struck by this paragraph summarising Jacob Baradaeus (Yaqub al-Barada’i) and his extraordinary church-planting impact. Here’s the paragraph: “Jacob never really lived in Edessa, his episcopal seat. The police were too hot on his trail… For over thirty-five years, from 542 to 578, Jacob eluded …

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