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Belonging: The Bible’s Story of Race

I know that people are always looking for resources to help them think about issues like race, diversity and justice from a Biblical perspective. The church where I serve as Teaching Pastor has been on a journey on these issues over the last few years, that has been both hugely challenging and richly rewarding, and this set of four sermons represents our attempt, earlier this year, to capture and communicate some of what we have been learning.

Belonging: The Bible’s Story of Race is an attempt by Reading Family Church’s Diversity Working Party to wrestle with some incredibly live cultural issues from Biblical perspective in the context of our particular local church. People have appreciated this effort, and so I am sharing these talks here with a wider audience.

Belonging 1: When only the Strong Belong

Belonging 2: Empire: Become like us if you want to Belong

Belonging 3: Belonging to the Body

Belonging 4: The Grace of Belonging

If you want notes for the whole series, as well as to find other content from Reading Family Church, go to the website