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The Bethlehem Story: Advent Series of Videos

The Bethlehem Story is a series of daily videos following the story of the little town in Palestine from the death of Rachel to the birth of Christ.

This Christmas, visit Bethlehem with us online. Join the shepherds and the wise men. Explore overlooked Old Testament characters and examine unexpected oracles. Join me in a series of short daily videos from 1st – 24th December, by signing up here or subscribing to the Unreached Network Youtube Channel.

We will also be joined on some days by Palestinian Christians telling their story. You can’t tell the story of Bethlehem without listening to voices from Bethlehem telling their own story. So we’ve partnered with Sabeel-Kairos, Bethlehem Bible College, and other Bethlehem-based friends in pulling together video footage to add colour and flavour.

The Bethlehem Story videos follow my recent book, The Bethlehem Story: Mission and Justice in the Margins of the World. Buy the book here

As we get to know Bethlehem’s story, we will be better positioned to understand why God’s son was born there. We will hear about Jesus’ family tree, especially some of the unexpected, marginal, despised characters. We will see that Bethlehem, this tiny, unimportant village in the margins of the world, is the hinge of history, which carries the DNA of the Kingdom, and brings forth the Saviour of the world.

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