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Made Flesh

We are pleased to announce and recommend Andy McCullough’s new book: Made Flesh: John’s Gospel, Mission and the Global Church 

Join us for the Book Launch, Saturday, July 27 · 7 – 9pm in Reading, UK – The evening will include music, presentations, author’s talk and reading, Q&A session, book signing, giveaways and refreshments. Get your tickets here

The global Church in the twenty-first century has lots to say about mission. The greatest energy for mission, and therefore missiology (the study of mission), is in the Global South. Andy McCullough reflects on mission using John’s Gospel, but in global perspective. He contends that we must at all costs avoid outdated modes of cross-cultural sending that smack of colonialism and defunct ways of approaching mission that are out of sync with global realities. This book, about the Gospel of John, incorporates precious insights and comments from people from around the globe John’s Gospel shows us how the Word became flesh, and calls us to continue making this same Word flesh within each culture and generation. Jesus, who told his disciples, “As the Father has sent me, so do I send you,” continues to call his people today to this same mission. In-depth, enlightening, well-rounded and thought-through, a must-read for anyone who loves this Gospel, and wants to see more of the global view of what the Gospel writer taught.