Pray for Alexandria

Hi, I’m from Alexandria, Egypt.

In Alexandria we face a lot of challenges.

The people of Alexandria are divided between a majority of lower class and middle-class people and a minority of rich people. A lot of the youth from upper Egypt tend to immigrate to Alexandria looking for a job and a better life which unfortunately they don’t find since they lack the training and the capabilities needed for work in Alexandria, which lends them unemployed and even poorer than they were before. The Alexandrian youth themselves tend to immigrate to Cairo for a better pay, which leaves the churches without youth, with their power and energy for ministry.

On the other hand we face the challenges of education and I don’t just mean the schools but the education of the mentality of society as a whole. Parents need to be educated on how to deal with their children. Newly weds need to be educated on what marriage is all about. Young people need to know what older people feel and how to deal with them. And of course, all of this is taking place with an economy that is putting pressure and load on everybody’s shoulders.

In the midst of all of this there are some marginalized people that are totally forgotten, for example the mentally and physically disabled and their families, who also need a lot of financial and emotional support and education. Women and children suffer more as well. We see child labour, street kids and a lot of different violence and abuses towards these categories.

In some neighbourhoods, we see drug addiction and alcohol abuse. And with growing technology and the availability of pornography, I don’t think that there are a lot of homes that do not suffer from their effect.

In short, Alexandria needs a lot of prayer. We need prayer for the light to shine and to make all darkness flee. We need prayer for workers and for financial support. We need the passionate hearts and the sensitive ears that hear the heartbeats of God and join Him in His work.

Pray for us.

Your faithful sister in Christ Jesus.