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Praying for those affected by conflict in Lebanon

One of our friends from Lebanon wrote this prayer update on how the current crisis in Gaza and Israel has been affecting Lebanon.  Please join us as we continue to pray. 

    “In Lebanon, we have a lot of instability and times of crisis, so, we’ve got used to it.” I was chatting with Paula, a Lebanese lady this morning. She was waiting for a flight to go out of Lebanon for four days to see how the situation develops. 

 In Lebanon, the scenes of Gaza and Israel have been on our TVs, and in our hearts for a week. Over the last few days, there have been a number of incidents in places along the border between Lebanon and Israel. This border is still disputed and cuts along the hills, ravines and villages in upper Galilee, dividing people, and sometimes even cutting through the middle of villages. 

 The incidents along the border over the last few days have lead many Lebanese people to prepare for escalation. In 2006, a conflict at the border soon lead to a month long war. Some people last night were making plans to head to village homes in mount Lebanon, far from the possible locations that could be bombed, in any broad escalation. Others drove north up the coast, and some prepared to endure in their homes. Many also headed to the airport where there were long lines of people looking to leave for a week or two. 

    “In Lebanon, things can escalate really fast, but they also deescalate really fast too,” Paula added. “We got used to this. Its part of living in Lebanon. We will see how it goes over the next few days in the south of the country, and we hope it calms down fast like it often does.” 

    “So its normal for you?” I asked. “Um, its something we got used to as a society, but it always makes us scared at the time.”

Let’s pray for peace in Gaza and Israel. Let’s pray for peace to endure in Lebanon and the clashes to subside around the border areas. Let’s pray for peace for people as they wait to see whether the conflict will spread.

Love casts out fear. God is love. Join me in praying for Paula, and many others in these situations, to meet God and know his love transform their hearts!