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Talk (English) Library is now  open!

Talk (English) Library is now  open!  It’s not my first community project, and it won’t be my last, but for  some reason I’m so excited  about this one.

Some of my  first ‘customers’ are in the picture above. 

I’m hoping for it to become more of a community centre, with students and online workers using it as a workspace.  There will also be  story-telling sessions for small  children.  Next week is a bit of  a trial week, as students are invited to use it for studying.  

My heart is for the library to demonstrate community and include people of all ages.

I was part of a fun project last  month, when the children in a UK church collected their old  story books and filled a 23-kilo suitcase with them for the library.

The children in the UK had a chance to learn about missions and the books have already blessed children here. It’s a win-win! 

Sonja Stojanović  

Good News Church, Niš 

email: englishsonja@gmail.com