Unreached Network

Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Miss the Unreached Conference Online This Year

  1. The focus on peacebuilding/reconciliation is super important. Part of our mandate is to bring aspects of the wider missions conversation into the Newfrontiers family, and this is a key area of conversation at the moment.
  2. The speakers at the conference are literally world-class. As well as our keynote speakers Owen Hylton (UK) and Michael Feulner (Turkiye), we have Lex Loizides (South Africa), Fusi Mokoena (Dubai), Kayra Akpinar (Turkiye) and many others.
  3. On real-life examples of gospel reconciliation we will hear live from Cyprus, South Sudan and Armenia.
  4. On updates for prayer from around the world, we will be hearing live from India, Sudan and Turkiye.
  5. We will hear church planting stories from among unreached peoples from across the globe.
  6. There will be all the usual mission conversations too on calling, re-entry and sending churches.
  7. We usually laugh a lot, pray a lot, and cry a lot together.
  8. In these days when many are complaining that their world has got too small, what a great chance to jump on a Zoom call and instantly connect with friends from across the Newfrontiers family, old and new.
  9. There’s loads of other stuff happening that I haven’t mentioned. Perhaps this is exactly where you are supposed to be on Friday 9th June evening and Saturday 10th June all day.
  10. If the £25 registration fee is genuinely a problem, get in touch and we will sort you out!

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