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Margins2Mic Season 3 comes to an end

We really hope you’ve enjoyed the third season of Margins2Mic.  We really love platforming voices from across the Newfrontiers family and from around the world. These talks are not merely cosmetic or exotic, it’s not just virtue-signalling. We expect the content presented here to educate you, challenge you, instruct you.

It really is only worth being part of an international family if we listen to each other, learn from each other, and allow each other’s perspectives to enrich, and sometimes correct, our own. The church in every place has a propensity to be beholden to the idols of its own cultural moment, and voices from beyond ourselves can rescue us from our blind spots, prejudices and cultural captivity.

Here are links to all the videos from this season.

1.An Activist for the Gospel. Siviwe Minye. South Africa

2. Multicoloured Church: Learning from Mistakes. Raj Saha. UK

3. Mission and Contextualisation. Rada Koprivicia-Adams. Montenegro.

4. The Forgotten People. Donna Bloomfield. Burundi.

5. But My Heart was Empty. Risa Raveendran. Japan.

6. Mission, the Spirit and Humility. Soroush Sadeghzade. Middle East