Uniquely Placed: Single Overseas Part 2

This seminar was recorded during #Unreached22. Gayle and Dan shared their journey of going and living overseas as single people.  They shared both the ups and
downs of their experiences, and insights as to how they managed to stand firm in their faith and keep stepping into what God called them to do.

Dan has been in a Middle Eastern context for over five years, having gone young and single. He desires to stay long term, really trying to make his journey healthy and sustainable.  A big part of this has led him to choose to study at University in the city he is in.

Gayle lived in the Middle East as a single woman in her 30s for almost a decade.  She worked in several settings with both locals and ex-pats using her psychotherapy training, as well as spending time as a language student.  Her testimony is that life was sometimes hard, but that’s
often when faith grows most.

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